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This e-book talks about what happens after you buy an investment property. It details how to make your investment work for you and how to receive the returns you need to make your purchase worthwhile. It also explains the responsibilities and legal requirements that come with your new job as landlord.

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About Samara Bedwell

Samara Bedwell has over over 2 decades of experience in the property industry and is currently the Managing Director of Macwell Property Management. With many national and state industry awards behind her, she is more than qualified to give advice in this field.

After commencing her career at Raine & Horne in 2001, it was evident that Samara was built for great things. She flew up the corporate ladder and moved on to establish and manage a property management department for a major developer.

Her strong business acumen and natural ability to understand this industry and its unique characteristics led Samara to write for industry publications and newspapers and eventually start Macwell Property Management.

Key Topics Covered in this Book

Legislation, Tax and Insurance

Before you can even think about making money, it’s important to tick all those legal boxes. From establishing and correctly maintaining a depreciation schedule to insuring your property properly, it’s important to make sure you are protected and compliant.

Maintaining your property and managing your tenants

Treat your tenants with respect. Communicate and engage with them about what is expected and what they can do to make this property their home. It is also important that you maintain the property and ensure that your tenants feel comfortable reporting maintenance issues.

Pricing your property and making money

Buy smart and then price your property accurately and to market conditions. This will ensure that your property is rented and that your tenants are appropriate. You can then work towards the end goal of capital growth and positive cash flow.

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11 Keys to Success as a Landlord

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