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Tenant Selection

After you have researched the market and agreed on rental price you would like to achieve, it’s time to ensure that the property you are about to rent out is ready for occupancy.

Whilst the advertising and marketing has commenced it is important to ensure your homes presentation is appealing. At the end of the day you want prospective tenants to want your home and getting them through the front door is only the first step. Externally keep the lawns mowed, edged and free from any green waste, weed all gardens and mulched to give a fresh easy maintenance appeal. Ensure that the drive way is gurnied free of dirt and grease and make sure the outside of the home is clean by knocking down any cobwebs and cleaning the windows. If there are trees or shrubs around the home give them a good prune back and shape and if they have been rubbing or growing close to gutters make sure the gutters are cleared and not rusty. Ensure fences and gates are sturdy not only with this be an appealing aspect for tenants with children or pets but it will be a safety issue for you if they are unsecure or dangerous. Make sure there is a number present on the house or letter box too, as prospective tenants need to be able to find your home.

Once you have appealed to prospective tenants from the outside you need to ensure that the inside mimics the presentation of the outside. Poor presentation will result in longer vacancies, less rent achieved and a lower calibre of tenant achieved. Sometimes if a tenant moves in to a home that is tired, needs maintenance or looks tardy it becomes too easy for them to relax with the presentation whilst they live there and unfortunately the home starts to look like “a rental”.


Ensure the property is clean and not just dusted but commercially clean!

  • Wash down walls or give a fresh coat of paint to remove grubby marks
  • If you decide to paint choose a neutral colour (crème, beige, whites) whilst bright colours might be the flavour of the era they will outdate and your taste may not be to everyone else liking.
  • Have the carpets professionally steam cleaned
  • Make sure the kitchen is spotless. Clean all surfaces inside and out of cupboards, remove all oil and bake on from the oven, degrease the range hood, run a rinse aid through the dishwasher and shine the sink and any other stainless steel appliances with a stainless steel cleaner to make them sparkle.
  • Remember to clean light shades, skirting boards, windows, window sills & window tracks.
  • Scrub toilets and bathrooms – Getting rid of soap scum and residue from your shower screens. If any taps, pipes or shower heads are leaking get they fixed straight away.
  • The patio forms part of the home as do any sheds, garages or external areas so clean these too.
  • Fix anything that is broken – such as a cracked tile, blown light or loose door handle – this way not only is the property appealing for prospective tenants you have peace of mind that when a tenant takes occupancy they will comfortably move in without hassles of reporting maintenance straight up. Understand that everyone has a different appreciation of clean and whilst you might be happy to move into the home and live would someone else? Sometimes it is best to engage a cleaning company to do a full clean of the premises prior to market and leasing. Remember unless you are letting out your home as a furnished package ensure that the property including any sheds are empty do not leave any belongings of any description, this includes pot plants or garden ornaments. By having high standards in presentation you are more likely to achieve a tenant far more quickly than the competing properties, possibly obtain a longer term tenant, achieve a premium rent and get a better calibre tenant.

Some things to do if you lived in the property

  • Have your mail re-directed
  • Disconnect or cancel your utilities
  • Leave a copy of your appliance manuals on the kitchen bench
  • Ensure all locks have keys and that there are at least 2 full sets of keys.

Cleaning Guide

  • Walls – clean off any dirty marks, scuffs etc. Repaint full wall if damaged
  • Mould – ensure all mould is removed from ceilings
  • Light Fittings – wash all lights shades; remove cobwebs and bugs – Ensure light globe works
  • Skirtings, Doors & window frames – Clean off any dust or marks
  • Windows – wash windows inside and out
  • Window Screens – ensure mesh is not torn and wipe away dust
  • Kitchen – Remove all grease from splashbacks, clean oven, range hood and stove
  • Polish sink, make sure plug is present and wipe out all cupboards and surfaces
  • Bathrooms – remove all soap scum, shine tap wear, clean toilets and replace seats
  • Laundry – clean under tub, polish tap ware and sink
  • Bedrooms & Lounge – Clear out all cupboards, vacuum carpets
  • Fans & air conditioning – clean out air conditioning filters, wipe over fan blades (top and bottom)
  • Curtains & Blinds – launder all curtains, replacing anything torn. Clean down blinds,
  • Make sure tracks work, chins are intact.
  • Floors – Mop all tiles and linos, vacuum all carpets. Ensure carpets are professionally cleaned and provide the receipt to your agent.
  • Lawns – Mow and edge all lawns
  • Gardens – Remove all weeds, trim all shrubs and mulch
  • Guttering – clean out the gutters, repair any broken down pipes
  • Paths & Driveways – remove weeds from between pavers, degrease and gurney
  • Garage & Sheds – remove all objects, knock down cobwebs and sweep out.
  • Pests – Have the property sprayed for cockies, spiders and silverfish and provide receipt to agent.

Overall, make sure all areas are safe and in good repair.

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