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Not All Agents Are The Same

Many people initially assume they are. This is one of the more common mistakes sellers can make.

We know it’s important to look at the sales process as a whole, and not just parts in isolation. It is difficult to be confident you have achieved the best result unless your experience has encompassed all the components.

For example, it is simply not good enough for an agent to promise a high sale price if the marketing plan doesn’t support it. Neither is an agent including the marketing with more costly commission to lock you into their service, so you stay on market and they generate more business at your expense.

Alternatively some agents offer cut price commission, but then discount service, marketing efforts or negotiation skills, all of which can severely impact on your eventual sale price.

So it’s a choice between cost and value.


Like the world famous investor Warren Buffet said there’s a difference…

Price is what you pay – Value is what you get!

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