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Samara Bedwell

Managing Director
Samara is the Managing Director of Macwell Property Management and has 19 years’ experience in the industry. During her career she has won many national and state industry awards.
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Jason Bedwell

Real Estate Sales Agent, Property Auctioneer & Real Estate Trainer
Jason Bedwell has been successfully selling residential real estate since 2007.
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Our Staff

Rebekah Rand

Property Representative
Rebekah is a very dedicated and positive young woman with a heavy passion for pristine customer service, always putting 100% of herself in everything she does. With having many years’ experience in retail and hospitality management, a passion for the property world quickly grew and now is very proud to be representing such a hardworking team.

Amadika Atkinson

Amadika joins the Macwell team with a fresh perspective on the real-estate industry. She is eager to learn, has an eye for detail and is learning new skills to enhance her ability to succeed in the industry. She believes in continued personal and professional development, including a focus on excellent customer service and care for our clients’ best interests.

Tracey Thompson

Operations Manager Sales Support
Tracey has a long history involved with various organisations, both large and small, and brings these skill sets to the Macwell Property team as our Manager of Operations Sales Support. Tracey’s wealth of knowledge, ability and expertise in the art of getting things done well, will ensure a seamless end to end experience for our clients on their property journey.

Nathalie Southwell

Accounts and Customer Care
Nathalie joins the Macwell team with a range of experiences in customer service roles, now putting those skills together to enhance your real estate experience.

Gok Siva

Sales Associate
Gok is personable, very tenacious, and continually has his clients best interests first and foremost in the performance of our business. His drive and dedication to meet his clients' expectations is unmatched.


Director of Puglick Relations
Oli is the undisputed specialist at building and maintaining positive puglick relations for Macwell Property. She’s a headliner, fashion diva, darling of social media and an influential shaper of opinions who has lifted both the profile and spirits of our brand and it’s people. In a recent wide ranging interview Oli had this to say... “A-woof. A-woof woof woof. Woof”. We couldn't agree more!

Your response to emails and phone calls are great and your monthly statements are correct, which doesn’t always happen at other management companies.

Brad Dawson
New South Wales

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