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Samara Bedwell

Managing Director
Samara is the Managing Director of Macwell Property Management and has over 2 decades’ experience in the industry. During her career she has won many national and state industry awards.
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Jason Bedwell

Real Estate Sales Agent, Property Auctioneer & Real Estate Trainer
Jason Bedwell has been successfully selling residential real estate since 2007.
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Our Staff

Arna Rodenburg

Arna joins Macwell Property with almost a decade of experience in the Real Estate Industry. Having worked in various roles in the property sector, Arna prides herself on her friendly persona, communication skills and ability to adapt. With high attention to detail, and a positive attitude Arna embraces and enjoys the fact that no two days are the same.

Georgia Forchert

Meet Georgia, the newest member of the Macwell Property team, eager to learn and expand her knowledge within the real estate industry. Whilst bringing an infectious smile and positive demeanour to the workplace, she approaches each task with enthusiasm and a keen eye for detail. Georgia's optimistic outlook on life fuels her drive to learn and grow, making her a valuable asset to the Macwell Property family.

Lerma Datu

Assistant to Property Management Team
Lerma is proud to share her skills with property management tasks and responsibilities, attention to details is so vital in this business and that is one of her greatest strengths. With many years' of experience in a supporting role, she is a team player, hardworking and very dedicated to her work. Outside of work Lerma enjoys time with her 4 sons and 9 gorgeous grandchildren, she also loves travelling to the USA when time permits to be with her friends and family now living abroad.


Director of Puglick Relations
Oli is the undisputed specialist at building and maintaining positive puglick relations for Macwell Property. She’s a headliner, fashion diva, darling of social media and an influential shaper of opinions who has lifted both the profile and spirits of our brand and it’s people. In a recent wide ranging interview Oli had this to say... “A-woof. A-woof woof woof. Woof”. We couldn't agree more!


Pugniverse Innovator
Introducing Pippy, the dynamic Pugniverse Innovator at Macwell Property! With an unmatched passion for innovation and a knack for thinking outside the kennel, Pippy leads our team in pioneering groundbreaking ideas within the realm of real estate. Armed with boundless enthusiasm and a keen eye for opportunity, Pippy drives forward Macwell's vision of redefining the industry landscape. From wagging tails to innovative trails, Pippy embodies the spirit of transformation, making waves and pawprints in the world of property innovation.

Your response to emails and phone calls are great and your monthly statements are correct, which doesn’t always happen at other management companies.

Brad Dawson
New South Wales

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