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Macwell Property is a team of long serving and experienced industry experts, who have been recognised through state and national property management awards, and have been employed as specialist consultants by real estate industry bodies including the REIQ.

Our business believes in the continued personal and professional development of our staff, and places a high value on traditional business practices, including a focus on excellent customer service. We don’t believe that’s ever gone out of fashion!

As a progressive thinking business we also recognise that people are the key, and we have adopted shared knowledge, community contribution, best practices, and pay-it-forward principles to help grow ourselves and our clients’ interests

Very glad I came across Macwell Property Management.

I have been renting from them for going on two years now and have never had an issue with anything they do.

They were extremely helpful in finding a property to rent that suited our needs and have helped make our renting experience as smooth and hassle free as possible.

Tenant Kendall Wallace-Hine

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