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I just wanted to give a shout out to Rebekah. I’ve been talking to her and dealt with her since I applied to rent this property in March last year, and she’s always been so helpful. She’s an asset to your wonderful real estate and I wanted to let you know, as it’s important to me to give credit where it’s due.

Your Real Estate has been the best Real Estate I’ve ever rented through and I want you to know that you are excellent to deal with.

Tenant C. Demirian

The property management team are awesome.

Arrive promptly for appointments, reply quickly to calls and emails and when repairs are needed, they have someone available quickly.

Tenant Andrew Smith

Very glad I came across Macwell Property Management.

I have been renting from them for going on two years now and have never had an issue with anything they do.

They were extremely helpful in finding a property to rent that suited our needs and have helped make our renting experience as smooth and hassle free as possible.

Tenant Kendall Wallace-Hine

Macwell are all always helpful, patient and very efficient! I can’t speak more highly of Alissa and how she’s gone above and beyond for me.

She’s just too good!

Samara is also awesome, responds to emails even on public holidays, you can’t get better than that. Thank you Samara!

Himal Bhatt
Western Australia

Alissa is an absolute pleasure to deal with as a property manager. Very prompt with any requests put forward. Would highly recommend Macwell.

Tenant Julie Somerville

Management is very respectful towards my wishes and concerns.

Tenant Lesley Catto

Love our property manager Alissa! She’s always so friendly and lovely.

Tenant Jennifer Dee Coffer

Please know that it was not an easy decision for me to sell my property, but as with life and the circumstances in which I am currently in, it was required unfortunately. Then there is another downside, which is losing a great property management team!!
Samara & Alissa, I have had the most communication with you both throughout the property management, however I know your whole team works hard behind the scenes too. Therefore I just wanted to thank you all again for the assistance and support over the time you have been managing my property. Being in W.A I was trusting you all to look after my property as if it were your own, and over time I have not doubted that at all. This is a big testimonial to you all as I don’t trust people easily.
I wish you all the best in the future of business and if I ever decide to invest again in QLD, Macwell is my first point of contact.

Kareese Wiatr

Macwell are very professional and considerate.

Tenant Katherine Cruze

Great services, great people and great communication well done Macwell Property.

Tenant J Alder

As interstate investment property owners, we would highly recommend Macwell Property to look after your investment property as they have done for us from the time this property was built more than two years ago. They have worked hard for us when the tenant broke their lease, Samara represented us at the tribunal hearing and managed to get a positive outcome for us. She and her team even submitted a claim to our insurers on our behalf and managed to recover most of the lost rent and damages owed to us by the previous tenant. We are confident of Samara and her team are looking after our investment property like it were their own.

Kaushal Jhaveri
Western Australia

Prompt and friendly people on the phone. Responsive, willing to listen and help when ever possible. I am happy with the service received so far.

Gareth Brownell
Australian Capital Territory

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